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NeoCharge Dual-Car Smart Splitter

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Brand: Sun Country Highway

NeoCharge Dual-Car Smart Splitter

Charge two cars with one outlet.

The Dual-Car Smart Splitter is designed for safe, easy, and quick home charging access for two electric cars. Gain access to two 220 volt charging outlets in minutes—no need to rewire your home, wait for an electrician, or pay for a multi-thousand dollar panel upgrade. Our intelligent sensing technology lets you charge two cars simultaneously at 30 miles of charge per hour (mi/hr), or charge two at 15 mi/hr.

  • Easy Installation – Simply plug in your Smart Splitter for charging access and you’re ready to charge. The Dual-Car Smart Splitter is designed for two NEMA 14-50 chargers. If your charger plug is different than 4-prong, NEMA 14-50, please contact

  • Future Proof Your Home – Equip your home with two charging ports and welcome friends to charge.

  • Portable – The Dual-Car Smart Splitter weighs only 2.5lbs can easily be taken on the go.

  • UL/cUL Listed – Built with your safety in mind.

  • Auto-Switching – Fully charge one car at 40Amps/9.6kW and when it is finished the Smart-Splitter auto-switches to charging your second car.

  • Charge Two Cars Simultaneously – By setting your charge in your car or charger you can charge both cars at the same time at 20 Amps each.

  • LED Charging Indicators – Light indicators tell you which car(s) is charging.

  • Great for Home Renters and Homeowners – Charging access no longer requires expensive panel upgrades, permits, or waiting for an electrician.

  • Indoor Installation.

  • Built in North America.


Output Power
240 VAC nominal, single phase
NEMA 14-50P
2 x NEMA 14-50R
5.25″ x 5.25″ x 5.25
2.5 lb
2 years
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